American Quality MFG Replacement Shocks

If you have a tanning bed made by American Quality Manufacturing of Cocoa, Florida, it may be called Tropical Rayz, Perfect Tan or even a private label (ie: Planet Fitness, Caribbean Tan).  Operating from the same location for the past 20+ years, AQM was a custom builder of indoor tanning equipment but now refurbishes automated spa equipment. They continue to provide parts and supplies like replacement lamps, acrylics and shocks for all brands they have produced, including Tropical Rayz, Perfect Tan, South Beach, Sunal and Royal Sun.

AQM made several different facial lamp configurations within each of their 3 frame sizes.  Each requiring different shocks to be installed on these heavy, all-steel beds.  To be certain of your model number, look for a label on the back of the bed which contains your bed's serial number and take a photo of this manufacturer's label with your phone.  The last 3 numbers and 2 letters of your serial number are your model number (ie: 281SF is a 28 lamp with 1 facial standard frame).  You may also find the model number on the front of the bed and includes these abbreviations: Standard Frame (SF), Big Frame (BF), and Wide Body (WB). (ie: 281SF, 322BF, 383WB)

You may email a photo of your Tropical Rayz or Perfect Tan gas spring to our email address for quick ordering and quotes.  Please review our shipping and returns policy here if you have questions or select your model from the list below.  Call 800-667-9189 to order.

Model Name

Lamp Configuration

Part Number 1

Part Number 2

Part Number 3

Price Each

Del Sol


SW #67523



Standard Frame SF


SW #67330

0591UP 0600N


Big Frame BF



SW #67332

0875UN 0725N


Wide Body


Requires 2 each

SW #67290

SW #67291

SE 1500-M110

SE 87-120


Wide Body VHR


Requires 4 total

SW #67290

SW #67293

SE 1500-M110

SE 87-90



We carry gas springs and struts for all of the following indoor tanning bed models.  Click on Arrow to begin search.

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