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Gas Springs for Tanning Beds

This website offers replacement gas springs for every  tanning bed sold or imported into the USA since the '80s.  This list includes all models of Wolff, ESB, ETS, Sunvision, Sunquest, SunStar, Sunliner and many more.   Read more below or complete this form: How to Order Tanning Bed Shocks; for a 100% fool-proof way to make sure you receive the right replacement gas springs.

Keep in mind, there are hundreds of different models of tanning beds with varying lamp configurations, each requiring a very specific strut, piston, gas spring or shock to keep the canopy open.  You can NOT buy these gas springs in auto parts stores and the exact replacement is required for your bed to operate properly.  We want you to buy the right shock, the first time, so we have 3 ways to find the perfect match:

Option #1: If you know the exact model and date of manufacture of your tanning bed (found on the back), start here to search by tanning bed model and date of manufacture.  This information is found on a label on the back of the unit.  Please take a photo of this manufacturer's data plate with your phone for future reference when ordering replacement lamps and acrylics.  For fast ordering, email the photo here and request a price quote.

Option #2: If you know your gas spring's part number (but not the bed info above), you may take a photo of the label on your shock and search by part numbers here. This information is found on a stamp or label on the strut or gas spring.  For quick assistance, email the photo here and request a quote.

Option #3: For the older Allisun and Sunquest model beds made or imported by Sun Industries and other models made 20+ years ago you may find the manufacturer's label gone or faded.  Also, the printing on the gas springs may become unreadable over time. In this event, where you can not read any information from the bed or strut, please complete this form:  How to Order Tanning Bed Shocks and return to us.  This form is the 100% fool-proof way to make sure your receive the correct replacement.

Please read our shipping and returns policy prior to ordering and email us here with questions or concerns about this website.  To place an order, please call 800-667-9189 .

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