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How to Remove Tanning Bed Pistons

Please be careful when removing and replacing tanning bed shocks, springs or pistons because the weight of the canopy can reach 300 lbs or more.  We recommend you find two 2x4 pieces of wood to slide in between the top and bottom to support the weight of the canopy when the supports are removed.  There is usually a "retainer clip" which you must remove or pry open to "release" the gas spring from the ball joint.  These clips are essential to the safe operation of the tanning bed so please keep track of them.  New struts will have the retainer clips installed and do not need to be removed during installation.  Please review the video below to learn more about service and repair of tanning bed pistons.

If the task of replacing your own tanning bed pistons appears to be too difficult or you simply want a professional repair person, please click on the link below to find a technician in your state:

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